Why Hire A Stager?

The difference in selling your house now and 10 years ago is huge. Buyers use to anticipate having to repair, fix up stuff when were buying their home. Since that situation has changed dramatically. Today buyers want ready to move in product. And that's not all. If you will not provide what they want, they know that there are other houses and smart home sellers who will do everything possible to sell quick and present their home in tip top shape.

Smart sellers can calculate how much keeping the house every month on the market costs them ( mortgage, taxes, insurance, increased light bill, ground-keeping etc) and will do everything possible to keep their house on the market for the shorter period of time to reduce ongoing cost and eliminate several price reductions.

Smart sellers know that they can price well prepared home at the higher price per sq.ft based on comps in their neighborhood. That's why smart sellers hire a Professional Home Stager to get directions to follow in order to prepare their home for sale. Smart sellers know that price brings the interest and Staging brings offers.

You think that your house is different. Well to you yes, but for all the buyers who are out there YOUR HOME IS JUST ANOTHER HOUSE TO SEE on their list. Just like all others...You need to do something that will make them STAY at your house.

Who can help you make your home special? Professional Home Stagers' can. Most of the houses on the market need just a Staging Consultation.

Sure you can search on the Internet and get some advice here and there, but let me ask you how many homes have you sold and how long they were on the market. Which strategy or advice is better?

Professional Home Stager visiting hundreds of homes and with their trained eye determining right away what is lowering your chances for the quick and profitable sale. He will tell you what will be your best strategy. Professional Home Stager can help you to set the priorities and will work with your budget. Home Staging is something that smart sellers have been used for several years now and that's why their homes sell fast and very often with multiple offers.

Home Staging Consultation is very affordable. The question is if you can afford not to stage, if you can afford to "check the market", if you can afford to reduce the asking price, if you can afford to stay on the market for several months, if you can afford to sell significantly lower than your asking price?

It's you house, you decide.

Add Value Home Staging will help you to reach three goals when selling your home.

1. Make your buyer want to stay the night.

Buyers are not designers and will most likely buy the house that shows clearly how every space can be used without guessing. They will follow your guidelines once they see the home staged.

Most buyers are not in the market to buy a house for "flipping". They are not interested in doing renovations. This could be for several reasons.

They are professionals and do not have time for renovations.

They are relocating and do not want to deal with finding the right contractors in a new area or want everything completed before they move into their new home.

2. You want to get as MUCH as you can from your house.

Investing in staging is a smart idea because it is cheaper than a price reduction.

3. You want to sell FAST.

Redecorating, de-cluttering, and adding finishing touches will help to sell your house faster and for more money.

Statistics show that 95% of the time a staged home will sell twice as fast and for 6-10% more money. So what do you do with all this statistics?

Consider having a staging specialist give you a consultation before you put your house on the market.

It is much more reasonable to have your home staged then settling for a price reduction. Staging will bring you more traffic; more offers and your home will sell much quicker.

Call us and let our experts help you showcase your property for maximum impact.



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